Resilience quotient

Leadership with heart and purpose
Alexia Michiels, Sophie Conchon (illustrations), Frank Gerritzen (translation from French)

Whether you run a small business, a multinational corporation, a hair salon, a construction site, a law firm, a shop, a school, or manage apprentices and interns, this book is for you.

The recent evolution of the world and the massive use of technology have changed the way we work. The unknown and the doubts have given rise to salutary realizations that allow us to grow beyond the ordeal. The climate emergency also requires major transformations.

This book invites you to rethink the way you lead a team by valuing and cultivating resilience skills. It encourages you to refocus on your priorities, insists on the importance of relations and the quest for meaning. The impact of the resilient leaders will be proportional to the strength of the bonds they manage to create with themselves, others and the environment at large.

A practical menu enables you to convert these ideas into actions and thus develop a leadership with heart and purpose, for the benefit of all stakeholders.

« Resilience, which is brilliantly decoded in this book, is the key for any leader to face new challenges, stay grounded, remain his/her true self and outperform in the long-run. »
« This book provides an excellent blueprint that will inspire any leader to understand how one can activate purpose at the service of causes that are bigger than us. » Ilham Kadri, CEO and President of Solvay’s Executive Committee

« By exploring the dimensions of our relationship with ourselves, with others and with nature that all strengthen our Resilience Quotient, Alexia Michiels invites us to become aware of our weaknesses in order to better tame them, while at the same time fostering our strengths in order to take greater advantage of them. She skillfully composes a detailed analysis of the dimensions that make up resilience and translates them into concrete precepts and recommendations. » Thomas Buberl, CEO of Axa Group

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  • Parution : 22 novembre 2021
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