The Path of the Voice (trad. angl de « La Voie de la voix »)

A Functional Approach to the Human Instrument
Robin De Haas

« A world class reference in the art of singing. Encounter the specialist in this revolutionary method… » (Stephane Gobbo, L’Hebdo)

« At last light is shed on the sometimes unclear or misleading images that are used by voice teachers to guide the aspiring singers! » (Séverine Nectoux, Speech Therapist)

« I believe that Robin’s practice would be an extraordinarily valuable addition to any training or development program focused on leadership or communication. » (Albrecht Enders, Professor of Strategy and Innovation, IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland)

« After a few months of work with Robin, we found that my vocal cords had completely healed. » (Anne-Sophie Rohr Cettou, Actress)

« Revolutionary. Fascinating. Robin De Haas’ gift is shared through this book. You will discover the human instrument and how it works. » (Tania Chytil, Journalist, National News, Swiss Television)

« Robin’s words, both passionate and empowering, have opened for me the gates of vocal freedom. » (Yann Lambiel, Comedian and Impersonator)

  • Version livre papier
  • 25 €
  • Format 15 x 23.5cm
  • 324 pages
  • noir/blanc, avec illustrations
  • Couverture souple
  • Angl.
  • Parution : 2018
  • ISBN 978-2-8289-1281-9
  • Version E-book
  • 14.99 €
  • Format Epub
  • ISBN 978-2-8289-0877-5