Regreening the Sahara

Jean-Edouard Buchter

Refertilising the Sahara on a massive scale would be a lifeline for the tireless challenges facing Euro-Africa and the rest of the world. This platform for resolving the issues of climate,unemployment and migration emerges in its magnitude and feasibility. This is the setting for a major turning point in this century, in the areas of society, technology, agriculture and culture. This is where international institutions will play their role. We must acknowledge this as soon as possible. In this book, you will find some regreening projects that have been or are being executed, that are in the planning stage, or that are still in the conceptual phase. Their success and significance are reviewed.

Only 5500 years ago, the Sahara was covered in lush green grass. Then, mankind contributed to its desertification. Our role here is to reverse this process.
There is fresh water nearby. Forming the humus, then gradually putting into action principles of agroecology will lay the foundations for refertilisation. The methods of these actions, both current or planned, are presented in this book.

Considering the prevailing insecurity in some areas, this may seem to be a daunting task. However, some projects are underway, driven by communities who believe in it and who are committed to work hard. These people are the ones who will bring peace, in a more lasting way than an army. The plan to multiply these projects into thousands is not unrealistic!
The financial means to carry out a fertilization operation will be gathered. There will be a reorientation. The project will be like a war effort. These reversals are in the making.
This book should give them an impetus.

This book is a translation of the original French edition « Reverdir le Sahara ».

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